The brief

The old UK Film Council website had a tired design and an impenetrable structure i.e. internal and external users could not find anything within the hundreds and hundreds of pages. Yet the sites’ function is critical to the UK film industry as an information portal, a showcase and a place where funds can be applied for. We were tasked with a fundamental re-design in terms of user experience and interface design.

What we did

The UK Film Council is essentially a governmental organisation with the characteristics of a charity. The budget was limiting and consensus and empirical proof were critical to project success.

We undertook: a full audit and extensive user testing on the existing site, external and internal stakeholder interviews, card sorting, wireframe user testing and prototype user testing. It became clear that creative buy in could not be achieved with the project team alone so in an unprecedented move, an external agency presented to the full board – strategy, process, findings through to creative.

The results

The website was a resounding success. It truly befitted an organisation with such enormous stature in the film world. So much so that many smaller film organisations have since copied the site design!

UK Film Council home page