Studies & reports

AKG helps clients with a wide range of strategic insight. Across audit, usability and strategy, our reports and studies provide incisive information and recommendations that can kick-start or evaluate the success of initiatives.

Beyond these obvious areas, our clients ask us to help with a variety of more bespoke requirements. For example, one client has recently made use of our PRINCE2 knowledge to help them to develop their business case followed by their internal Project Initiation Document (PID) and other project management assets for a major website enhancement.

For another client, AKG’s consultants have evaluated the effectiveness of intranet governance teams and processes and made recommendations for a new governance framework. In this particular case, we also helped to set up the new structures and played a role in facilitating meetings.

There are times when you have the need for a trusted advisor, a confidant, a sounding board that you can absolutely trust to be straight with you and tell you how it is.

If you would like to discuss a research or consultancy brief, please call Anna Gilson on 07590 033 422 or 020 8133 4426. You can also email her on anna@akgconsulting.co.uk.