It’s an unfortunate fact that most employees in most companies dislike their intranet. They are starting to warm to their website – after all, website design has come on in the last few years – but they still really dislike their intranet. This dislike results in employees simply not using their intranets, unless they have to.

The reason for this is clear. Whereas more and more attention is lavished on creating better user experience for customers and investors on the website, that same attention is not being focused on the corporate intranet.

AKG believes that intranets should be designed to exactly the same standards as websites. Treat employees as a high value audience, determine what outcomes you want to achieve and design compelling user journeys that deliver those outcomes.

A good intranet can be a powerful tool; a cohesive group-working environment that harnesses knowledge and capability across the organisation.

When we speak with employees about the kind of intranet they would like, they tell us that they would like it to be well organised, with a good search engine, so that they can find things more quickly. They would like to be able to customise the interface so that the things they use most often and are most interested in are easily accessible. They would like more news; not just company news, but market news too. They’d like to search for colleagues by their knowledge and expertise. The list goes on …

Do these things and your intranet will be the place where your employees will choose to start their day!

If you’d like help to make you intranet a more productive place to be, call Anna Gilson on 07590 033 422 or 020 8133 4426 or email her at anna@akgconsulting.co.uk.