At AKG we like extranets! These restricted access websites, that focus on delivering online services to customers or shared interest groups, are the antithesis of the ‘obligatory online presence’ (see websites).

Some extranets are simply about reach and delivery – an alternative way of providing information and assets in a secure online environment. Other extranets are about business process re-engineering – transforming the way a service is provided, by providing an online process.

We like extranets because they enable clients’ businesses to achieve efficiencies – efficiencies we can measure – and to deliver enhanced service to their customers. We like the fact that transactions can be monitored and that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be effected. Our clients like the fact that they’re cheap, when compared to the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solutions of old.

AKG’s extranet design and development experience includes online management suites for FTSE100 companies and peer review environments for medical publishing.

If you have an idea for an extranet that you’d like to explore, you might like to call Anna Gilson on 07590 033 422 or 020 8133 4426. You can also email her on anna@akgconsulting.co.uk.