We think that one of the most remarkable things about the internet is the number of new brand touchpoints it has created.

The most common of these are websites, extranets and intranets. Designing and building solutions for these touchpoints is AKG’s bread and butter.

There are other touchpoints of course – social media, mobile etc. – on which we advise clients.

The world of corporate communications and brand marketing has changed a lot over the last fifteen years. AKG has witnessed and participated in that change. Our extensive experience makes us well placed as a trusted strategic partner.

Our role is not just to design and develop digital communications platforms for today’s environment, but also to ensure that clients are well briefed and prepared for the changes in digital communications that are coming round the corner.

Ultimately, it’s about creating online advantage for your business and your brands. If you are curious to find out more about our range of digital communications solutions, please email Anna Gilson at anna@akgconsulting.co.uk. You can also call her on 07590 033 422 or 020 8133 4426.