Project process

The possibilities for digital communication are so far reaching that the prospect for a client can become quite daunting. We usually follow a straightforward 4-step process that helps us to help our clients to create an effective digital solution and more than that – to enjoy the process along the way!

Our process fits any digital solution – large or small – and works with any delivery methodology. Our web projects are run professionally, in accordance with best practice and with minimal risk.

In order to safeguard the project budget, our project managers are trained to monitor the scope and progress of projects in order to:

  • provide a mechanism to identify, communicate and escalate issues
  • offer visibility into project performance, risks and issues
  • control “scope creep”


Understanding the audience, the business, the requirements and capabilities.

  • Undertake a situation analysis and review existing material
  • Explore and define strategic insights and direction
  • Define/ refine and validate the proposition
  • Gather and prioritise audience, business and technology requirements
  • Define high level user experience design (sitemap)
  • Review brand guidelines and design look and feel


Developing the creative, user experience and technical design

  • Define solution functionally, creatively and technically
  • Seek and incorporate customer insights into every stage through iterative user testing
  • Define and agree content strategy

Build & test

Developing the final solution and ensuring it conforms with the agreed requirements

  • Translate design concepts and user experience blueprint (sitemap and wireframes) into final solution
  • Rigorously test each solution to ensure success
  • Complete quality assurance process to finalise the deliverable
  • Conduct user acceptance testing (UAT) if necessary


Achieving client approval, handover of agreed deliverables and publishing the final solution

  • Deploy ongoing maintenance tools if necessary
  • Gain client approval to go live