A well thought through strategy will help you to deliver against your vision. It will ensure that you start off on the right road and provide you with a framework against which progress can be measured.

Your team needs to buy into your strategy. More than that, team members feel much happier to help to maintain something that they have helped to shape.

AKG believes that strategy development should be an inclusive process. For example, when defining the strategy for a global intranet, its users need to be consulted in order to create something that they will universally welcome and use. Your board may well have a top-level vision for the intranet, which is fine, but many stakeholders will have roles and needs that are fundamental to delivering the elements that support the vision.

We think we’re really good listeners. We like to talk too, which means that people at all levels of an organisation feel they can share their wish-list and frustrations with us. We consolidate and distill this information into a set of functional requirements and make clear, supported recommendations on how those requirements can be met.

In this way, sound strategy is born. Because we’re communicators, we’ll then work with you to design a communications plan to share the strategy with stakeholders. Because they’ve been involved, they’ll recognise elements of it and feel part of it. They’ll feel responsible for making the strategy a success and will contribute more freely to making things happen.

Our most recent digital strategy assignments include Cadbury and Britax.

If you’d like to have a conversation about strategy development please email Colin Farrow, our Digital Strategist, at colin@akgconsulting.co.uk or call him on 020 8133 4426 or 07771 907197.