Without the right quantity and quality of traffic, all other considerations are secondary. That’s why AKG commits a lot of thinking to promotion.

For websites, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is crucial of course. Natural search is free, so it would be remiss of us not to optimise against the 100 plus criteria that are known to influence Google ranking. To help keep you on track, our specialist web copywriters will train your copy editors in SEO factors and writing for the web.

Beyond natural search, we should be creative. Basic marketing principles require us to identify where your audiences are. They may well be on Google, in which case we can use sponsored links to complement our natural search efforts. We get excited about helping clients to ‘own’ search terms!

Carefully planned display advertising will enable us to reach specialist audiences, and exciting new opportunities exist in social media advertising, where we can target defined demographics that have actively expressed an interest in your product or service areas.

Promotion is no less imperative for intranets, so expect your AKG consultant to talk with you about creating an intranet communications plan for pre- and post-development promotion.

To find out more about another of AKG’s favourite obsessions, you could always phone Anna Gilson on 07590 033 422 or 020 8133 4426. Alternatively, email her on anna@akgconsulting.co.uk.