There are times when it’s good to know what’s there.

We all know that software needs documentation. Most of us would think twice before investing in commercial software that wasn’t backed up by a manual. Surprising then, that most websites and intranets are lacking in any significant documentation.

AKG’s audit team works with clients to ensure that documentation is created to a professional standard. At the most basic level an audit could provide you with detailed Information Architecture, mapping the range and extent of content and functionality and revealing structural relationships. At an advanced level, complex workflow can be laid out in diagrams to provide essential process detail.

We believe that adequate documentation has a crucial role in safeguarding the value of your online communications assets. If you should change internal or external service providers, your new provider can be quickly brought up to speed with access to documentation. If you should need to migrate your website from a legacy platform to a new one, documentation will provide clear detail on what it is that needs to be migrated.

Having created documentation, AKG’s audit team can advise on practical solutions for keeping it up to date.

Recent audit assignments include Cadbury Intranet and Britax European CMS migration.

If you’d like to discuss your audit requirement, please email Anna Gilson on anna@akgconsulting.co.uk or call her on 07590 033 422 or 020 8133 4426.